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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Recipe index by type

I've figured that the blog needed a list like this too, because the labels "dessert", "soup", "beef" and so on will eventually include too many dishes and browsing through all the results might get tedious. 
So, in this list you'll find the recipes by the type of course they yield or the type of meat (or not) they use, if they're vegetarian, or vegan, if they're starters or drinks, if they're cakes or cookies or mousses and so on. 
(If you're looking for a more specific ingredient than a type of meat, say if you want a list of all broccoli recipes, then check out the link to the ingredient index just below.)
For a recipe index by country or region of origin, go here.
For a recipe index by ingredient used, go here.
Happy browsing! :)

1. Types of desserts and bakes (includes savory pies, pizza etc):
(Note: this doesn't include breads, which are listed separately below - see number 11.)

Bundt cakes:
East 62nd Street Lemon Cake (American).
Guguluf cu stafide (Bundt cake with raisins) (Romanian).
Poppy seed, honey and strawberry glaze bundt cake.

Cake rolls and Swiss rolls and roulades:
Mohnstrudel (Poppy seed strudel) (German).

Banana cheesecake with candied cherries.
Peanut butter and banana cheesecake (no bake).
Pumpkin cheesecake with gingerbread crust and candied kumquats.
Ramekin mini-cheesecakes with honey and lime (wintery).
Strawberry and white chocolate mousse cake (no bake).

Classic round (or square) cakes:
Banana brownie cake.
Blue Skies Cake (Orange cake with blue curacao frosting).
British country apple cake.
Brownie cake with cream cheese frosting and pomegranate tree.
Carrot and clementine cake with carrot-ginger marmalade, honey-cream cheese frosting and balsamic glaze.
Cherry brownie cake.
Clafoutis Limousin (Black cherry clafoutis) (French).
Classic Pavlova (Australian/New Zealand).
Creamy banana, walnut and mascarpone cake.
Dark chocolate and red wine cake.
Date puree cake with caramel frosting.
Dulce de leche, marshmallow and banana layered cake.
Everyday muesli chocolate cake.
Flourless chocolate cake with choco-whiskey sauce.
Le fondant au chocolat (French chocolate cake).
Marliesentorte (German chocolate and hazelnut cake).
Orange and poppy seed cake with chocolate topping.
Polenta, apple and dried fruit country-cake (Italian-style).
Ramekin mini-cheesecakes with honey and lime (wintery).
Raspberry and marshmallow cake.
Strawberry and poppy seed four-layered cake.
Strawberry and white chocolate mousse cake (no bake).
Strawberry summer cake.
Susam Tahinli Kek (Sesame tahini cake) (Turkish).
Truffle cake (Belgian).
Upside-down pineapple cake (American).

Cookies, biscuits and scones:
Chocolate chip cookies with salted butter (American).
Chili and three chocolate chunk cookies.
Cinnamon and brown sugar palmiers.
Classic British scones.
Cocoa and chili biscotti (Aztec-style biscuits).
Cocoa macarons with chocolate-cream cheese filling.
Cranberry and walnut scones (Southern USA).
Galletas de Nata (Christmas cookies) (Central and South American / Spanish / Portuguese).
Hazelnut and coffee chip cookies.
Italian sprinkle butter cookies.
Lussebullar (Lussekatter) (Swedish Lucia breads).
Madeleines (French).
Mohn (Jewish poppy seed and lemon cookies) (Jewish from Polish-German diaspora).
Mont Blanc cookies (French-Italian).
Nutella swirl yogurt biscuits.
Panellets (Pine nut cookies) (Spanish).
Peanut butter cookies (American).
Pignoli (Italian pine nut cookies).
Pricomigdale (Romanian walnut biscuits).
Qashat al-Narjeel (Omani Coconut Cookies).
Raspberry almond heart biscuits.
Sfințișori moldovenești (Mucenici) (Romanian sweet rolls).
Scottish cardamom griddle scones, with butter and honey.
Strawberries and cream biscuits (scones).
Schweinsoerchen (Pig's ears) (German).
Vanillekipferln (Vanilla crescents) (Austrian).
Wholemeal raspberry shortbread sandwich cookies with lemon drizzle.

Loaf cakes:
Banana bread (American).
Barmbrack (Irish Halloween loaf cake with raisins).
Chocolate banana bread with white chocolate chips.
Coffee and brown butter banana bread with caramel coffee topping.
King Kamehameha bread (Hawaiian banana bread).
Kumquat cardamom tea bread.
Malibu banana bread (with rum, raisins and coconut).
Mango bread (American).
Orange bread with chocolate swirl filling (Romanian low-sugar cozonac).
Simple black and white loaf cake.
Upside-down banana cake with walnuts and raisins.
Vegan raspberry, cocoa and coconut marbled loaf cake (vegan).

Mousses, pot-de-cremes, sweet souffles, dessert creams and ice-cream:
Amaretto chocolate milk pudding (German).
Cajeta (Mexican goat milk caramel).
Concentrated orange caramel (vegan).
Crème brûlée (French).
Dulce de leche (Central and South American).
French chocolate mousse.
Lemon panacota with orange caramel and vanilla panacota with strawberries (Italian).
Minty crème brûlée.
Scottish Cranachan (Oat, raspberry and cream dessert glass).
Soufflé au citron (Quark and lemon souffle) (French).
Spuma di Ricotta al Cafee (Ricotta and Coffee Mousse) (Italian).
Strawberry and white chocolate mousse cake (no bake).
Tiramisu (Italian).
White chocolate and basil cream with balsamic strawberries (Italian).

Muffins and cupcakes:
Amaretto liquor and almond cupcakes.
Belgian brownies.
Coconut and raspberry muffins (vegan).
Diet cupcakes (muffins) with cranberries, spices and dark chocolate.
Chocolate and stout (Guinness) cupcakes (Irish).
Fennel and walnut ricotta-filled muffins.
Ginger ale muffins/cupcakes.
Green apple and peanut butter muffins.
Milk and poppy seed muffins.
Muffins using only wholemeal flour, with raisins and chocolate.
Orange and poppy seed muffins.
Pina colada muffins/cupcakes.
Queijadas (Portuguese custard tarts from Sintra).
Salvadoran Quesadillas (Cheese muffin cakes).
Simple yogurt muffins.
Sour cherry muffins with black and white chocolate chunks.
Strawberry, banana and flax seed muffins.
Zucchini and coconut muffins.
Walnut, coffee and mascarpone cupcakes.
White chocolate and blueberry cupcakes.

Pancakes and doughnuts (includes savory varieties):
Apple and cinnamon butter pancakes.
Banana pancakes with agave syrup and almonds.
Calas (New Orleans rice fritters) (Creole).
Clătite (Romanian pancakes - crepes, actually). (My mom's).
Clătite cu fragi (Crepes with fresh wild strawberries) (Romanian).
Clafoutis Limousin (Black cherry clafoutis) (French).
Cong You Bing (Chinese Scallion Pancakes) (vegan).
Fluffy American pancakes (basic recipe).
Gogoşi (Romanian doughnuts).
Gyabrag (Tibetan barley pancakes).
Herb-mustard-beer pancakes with cottage cheese and bacon.
Hoddeok (Korean pancakes/doughnuts) (vegan version).
Kartoffelpuffer (German potato pancakes).
Lapper med Øl (Norwegian Flat Cakes with Beer).
Latkes (Jewish potato pancakes).
Lidnivikis (Cottage cheese dill pancakes) (Polish).
Little ham and pesto pancakes.
Pajeon (green onion pancakes) (Korean).
Pan bati (Sorghum corn pancakes) (Aruban).
Pancakes (crepes) with macadamia cream and litchi.
Racuchy z Jablkami (Polish Apple Pancakes).
Ricotta and cinnamon shredded pancakes with raspberry sauce and pomegranate.
Sonhos de banana (Banana doughnuts) (Brazilian and São Toméan).
Syrniki (Sweet Cheese Pancakes) (Russian-Belarusian-Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian).
Taloak (French Basque pancakes).
Tiny German pancakes (with strawberry filling).
Whole wheat goji berry pancakes.
Za'atar latkes (Jewish).

Pies and tarts (sweet):
Almond and khaki (persimmon) tart(s).
American pumpkin pie (from scratch).
Apple tart with honey and almond flakes (very light).
Brânzoaice (Moldavian-Romanian sweet cheese hand pies).
Banana cream pie (Southern USA).
Classic chocolate cream pie (American).
Danish pastries with strawberry and cream cheese filling.
Elder flower-rum cream tartelettes with raspberries.
Fresh fig tart with rosemary cornmeal crust and lemon mascarpone cream.
Fig, rosemary and mascarpone tartlets.
Grated pumpkin pie with crunchy star spice biscuits.
Lemon and condensed milk cream tart.
Mini Nutella and walnut pies.
Mini-tarts with dulce de leche and red currants.
Orange jam & liquor Linzer torte (Austrian/German and Hungarian).
Pasca (Romanian Easter cake with cheese and raisins).
Pasta frola de dulce de membrillo (Quince tart with lattice top) (Argentinian).
Pastel de Piña (Pineapple Tart) (Nicaraguan).
Peach and vanilla cream pie.
Plăcintă cu dovleac (My mom's pumpkin pie, with puff pastry) (Romanian-Moldavian).
Straciatella cream pie (Italian).

Rice puddings, oatmeal and similar porridge-like desserts:
Birchermuesli complet (Swiss-German).
Chia oatmeal breakfast with fruit (no cook).
Coconut almond chia seed pudding (vegan).
Creamy coconut milk rice (vegan).
Jahlova Kase (Chadian millet porridge).
Owsianka (Belarusian/Polish/Russian/Ukrainian oatmeal breakfast).
Risalamande (Danish rice pudding with whipped cream and almonds).
Risengrød / Risgrynsgröt (Danish and Swedish rice pudding).
Semolina milk pudding with pear-cardamom puree and honey.
Sholezard (Iranian rice, saffron and rosewater pudding) (vegan).
Simple blackberry-almond treat.
Tamarillo and red wine rice pudding.
White rice pudding with rosewater and almonds (Turkish/Middle Eastern).

Pizzas and flatbreads (includes focaccia and calzone varieties as well):
Breakfast pizza with bacon and egg.
Brie, mushroom, chicken and cream pizza.
Brie, potato and thyme pizza.
Camembert and caper Flammkuchen.
Caramelized onion and green garlic pizza (with rucola).
Clam and herb pizza.
Fig and goat cheese pizza (New York-style).
Flammkuchen (Tarte flambée) (Alsacian).
Focaccia with garlic oil, rosemary and cherry tomatoes (Italian) (vegan).
Gorgonzola and mushroom pizza with wholemeal crust.
Hawaiian pizza (Canadian).
Man’oushe (Za’atar Flatbread) (Lebanese).
Pancetta and artichoke pizza.
Pesto and caper focaccia (vegan).
Pizza con pollo e mascarpone (Chicken and mascarpone pizza).
Pizza con tonno e cipole (Tuna and onion pizza) (Italian).
Pizza Diavola (Italian-American).
Pizza Margherita (Italian).
Pizza Pescara (Italian-American).
Pizza Pollo affumicato con Brie (Italian-American).
Pizza Prosciutto-Funghi (Italian).
Pizza with goat cheese, caramelized onions and raspberry sauce.
Prosciutto, chile and onion pizza.
Prosciutto crudo pizza (Italian).
Quatro Formaggio pizza (Italian).
Quattro Stagioni pizza (Italian).
Red onion, garlic and olive Flammkuchen.
Shrimp pizza with cherry tomatoes and parsley.
Smoked salmon pizza (Italian).
Spicy sausage, olives and mozzarella pizza.
Three-color pizza with basil, mozzarella, tomatoes and avocado.
Tortilla pizza with wild boar ham and bell pepper.

Savory pies and quiches (savory muffins also go here) etc:
(Note that pizzas are listed separately just above this sub-section, because there are enough kinds to make a category of their own.)
Asparagus, sun-dried tomato, cheese and olive bread.
Aubergine and zucchini pizza.
Baked Brie en croute with apples and thyme (French).
Breakfast braided bread with cheese and ham filling.
Broccoli and ham torte.
Cheddar and leek muffins.
Cheddar and oat scones (British).
Courgette and feta cheese tart.
Fennel and Camembert pocket pies in spelt pastry.
Fennel, onion and Gouda quiche.
Fig and blue cheese tart in walnut crust.
Flammkuchen (Tarte flambée) (Alsacian).
Florentine pie (with spinach and egg).
Foie gras pastries (French-style). (My mom's).
Goat cheese, lemon scallions and walnut tart.
Kohlbrot mit wurstchen (German cabbage and sausage bread).
Olives, wild mushroom and caramelized red onion gallete (vegan).
Polenta and corn muffins.
Puff pastry fast pea and dill quiche.
Red onion, garlic and olive Flammkuchen.
Rustic pie (Galette) with olives, wild mushroom and red onion (vegan).
Quiche Lorraine (French).
Smoked trout quiche provencal (French).
Spanakopita (Greek spinach and feta pie).
Spanakopita triangles (Greek-style).
Tapenade (olive paste) bread rolls.
Toad in the hole (British).

Square cake pieces and bars (brownies and blondies and such also go here):
Alivenci (Moldavian and Romanian polenta cream cake bars).
Baklava (Greek version) (with almonds).
Baklava (Turkish version).
Banana and chocolate chunk cake squares.
Basic carrot cake bars (American).
Brownies with mixed seeds and vanilla.
Cajeta cake squares (Molten caramel cake).
Carrot, raisin and olive oil cake bars with eggnogg and almond icing.
Chocolate chip blondies.
Classic blondies (with white chocolate chunks) (American).
Coconut, carrot and brown sugar cake slices.
Czech poppy seed cakes (kolache).
Dark chocolate orange brownies.
Espresso and walnut iced brownies.
Flourless apple brownies with walnuts and cinnamon.
Ginger cake squares (crispy base, fudgy topping).
Jamaican lime bars.
Kataif (Kadayf) (Turkish-Greek).
Lebkuchen (German gingerbread cookies).
Mascarpone marbled brownies.
Namoura (Lebanese semolina and coconut cake with rosewater syrup).
Negresă (Romanian brownie).
Nutella and Amaretto Brown Butter Blondies.
Peanut butter marbled brownies.
Plăcintă cu brânză dulce (Romanian/Moldavian sweet cheese pie).
Prăjituri cu cremă de lămâie (Lemon cream cake squares) (Romanian).
Raspberry-chocolate brownies.
Simple chocolate brownies with walnuts.
Simple coconut brownies.
Sticky banana and maple syrup cake bars.
Sticky toffee pudding sheet cake (British-American).

Sweet fritters and such:
Calas (Rice fritters) (Creole New Orleans).
Fluffy fried bananas with lemon posset (cream) and sesame.
Pain Perdu (French toast).
Papanași (Romanian ricotta-based sweet fritters). (My mom's).
Simple fried bananas with cinnamon and honey (Central and South American).
The perfect fluffy fried bananas.
Torrijas al vino (Spanish French toast with wine, honey and olive oil).

Truffles, home-made candy etc:
Amaretto chocolate truffles.
Kozinaki (Sunflower seed brittle) (Georgian-Armenian-Russian).
Mixed seeds and honey crunchy hearts.
Pepitoritas (Mexican cajeta and pumpkin seed half-moons).
Raw walnut-cocoa truffles with honey and cinnamon (raw vegan).
Spicy chocolate truffles.
Ti Ki Burfi (Sesame seed burfi) (Indian).
Tiramisu pralines (Italian-style).

Other desserts:
Căpșune cu smântână (Simple Strawberries and Cream) (Romanian).
Dagaiku imo (Japanese sweet potato, honey and sesame fried bits) (vegan).
Dates filled with mascarpone and almonds (raw).
Fruit chaat (Indian fruit salad) (raw vegan).
Fruit skewers with molten chocolate.
Lapte de pasăre (Romanian "Bird's milk" - Floating island dessert). (My mom's).
Macaroane cu pesmet (Romanian regional dessert of pasta and breadcrumbs) (vegan).
Nashi pears in wine syrup with walnuts and walnut cream.
Pears with rosemary sugar dust (raw vegan).
Pink grapefruit carpaccio with honey and cinnamon (raw vegan).
Quick fried banana breakfast (Kewra-flavored).
Orange caramel pastry windmills.
Sfințișori moldovenești (Mucenici) (Romanian-Moldavian).
Simple strawberries, cream and rice crispies treat.
Sopa Kafea (Spanish Basque coffee soup).
Sweet pan-fried pumpkin with honey (vegan).

2. Soups:

3. Starters, finger foods and snacks:

Dips, sauces and spreads:

Finger foods:

Sandwiches and tartines:

Other starters:

4. Fish recipes:

5. Seafood recipes:

6. Meat recipes: 
(Note that this includes beef, poultry, game, lamb and pork; fish is listed separately, see above at number 4.)

Game meat dishes:

Lamb and mutton dishes:

Poultry dishes (includes chicken, duck, goose, turkey etc):

7. Side-dishes:

8. Pasta recipes:

9. Vegetarian recipes:
(Note: if the dishes are not just vegetarian, but also vegan, this is usually written in parenthesis at the end of the dish's name. The same routine goes also in the rest of the categories, as you probably already noticed.) 

10: Salads:

11: Breads (both sweet and savory):

Pizza crust recipes:

12: Drinks:


Hot chocolate, flavored milks, warm drinks etc:
(Note that tea and coffee drinks are listed separately.)
Atol de Elote (Sweet corn and milk drink) (Brazilian).

Refreshing drinks:



13: D-I-Y ingredients (sauces, condiments, pickles, jams etc):

14: Fantasy cuisine (dishes imagined in books, movies, myths etc; or inspired by them):

15. Travel (places I've been to and a cuisine sample):

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