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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Prosciutto e Melone (Italian prosciutto-melon wraps) (raw)

This isn't really a cooking recipe as it's more a combination / presentation of an Italian way to serve prosciutto and honey melon pieces together in a beautiful and elegant starter. The combination is so classic and wide-spread I'm sure most of you know it, but just in case you don't know it or forgot it, this is a quick reminder of it :).
The sweetness and juicy moisture of the melon counterparts the smoked saltiness of the prosciutto wonderfully. It really is a winner, which is why from a (probably) accidental discovery of a group of Italians it became a very popular and wide-spread entree. 
Also this is a lovely dish to suit the raw diet, as the meat is also raw and just salt and air cured. There are probably very few people out there which undergo the raw diet and are not raw vegans, but anyway, I thought I should label it as raw if that's what it is :).

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  • 100 g honeymelon
  • 4-5 prosciutto crudo (raw) slices

Cut each prosciutto strip in half and the melon into bite-sized cubes (or slightly larger than a bite). Wrap each melon piece in a prosciutto half-strip and fix with a cocktail stick. Arrange on a platter and keep refrigerated until serving :).
It's done, dig in!


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