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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Căpșune cu smântână (Simple Strawberries and Cream) (Romanian)

This is something my mom and dad used to make very often for me when I live with them, ever since I was little. It's a general staple in Romanian houses in May and June when the strawberry season is in bloom.
Although the combination of strawberries and cream is pretty common and every cuisine uses it, I wanted to show you how it was served home and all the glorious little details. 
I miss this. Which is precisely why I make it every year in early summer even though I'm a "grown-up" now. Which of course doesn't exclude the possibility for my parents to still make it for me when I visit them :)

P.S: I can hardly wait for our little girl Mira to grow up so I can treat her with this. Just a couple more years now :).
P.P.S: Yesterday was a sad day for me. I really, really, need a reason to try to smile today. So I'm posting about a favorite sweet from my childhood and hoping it will do it for me.

Last year: Chicken, olive and preserved lemons tagine (Moroccan).
Two years ago: baby making and no cooking. :)

Ingredients (for a bowl):
  • 200 g strawberries
  • 50 g white sugar 
  • 100-150 ml liquid cream (30% fat)

Wash the strawberries, remove their leaves etc and place them in the serving bowl. If there are extra large ones cut them in half.

Sprinkle the sugar and pour the cream on them:

Mix well and get you teaspoon. Start chopping/cutting the strawberries in half using that spoon. The point is to do this when the fruit is already submerged in the cream so all the delicious juices get released and make the cream both colored and flavorful. Chop everything in half or quarters and mix some more, and then you can dig in! :)
Isn't it the best thing you've ever tasted? :)


  1. Love this, strawberries and cream are a favorite in England too!
    Mary x

    1. How could they possibly not be a favorite everywhere, right? :)

      Miriam x.


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