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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Amaretto Colada

We love amaretto, and pina colada (especially in baked sweets :D) and we most of all love cocktails because we're not much for drinking such strong stuff on its own. The result last night was this Amaretto Colada.
Note: Yes, I know, the mermaid is impossibly cute.

Ingredients (for 2 150 ml glasses):
  • 25 ml pina colada liquor
  • 15 ml amaretto liquor
  • a little whipped cream
  • 250 ml cold milk

Prepare the glasses (with any cocktails decorations you fancy). Pour the pina colada in them:

Add the amaretto, then spruce up a dollop of whipped cream on top:

Gently pour the milk in one side of the glass so you don't disturb the cream too much. 

It's ready. No, this time I won't say "dig in". Just "Bottoms up" :P. Actually I can't stand people who literally do the "bottoms up" stunt with cocktails. They're meant to be enjoyed with little sips. So.. enjoy! :)

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