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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bacon wrapped baby corns

I don't think we have another dish around here that can be put together in under 5 minutes and that consists of no more than 2 ingredients. How delightfully simple, isn't it? That may be so, but this easy starter still looks and tastes great. If you make it for a party it's even better to have some time-saving ace up your sleeve. We usually have dates or figs wrapped in bacon as appetizers for the lovely sweet-salty contrast, but the freshness of the baby corn makes a lovely contrast just as well.

Ingredients (serves as many as you want to):
  • baby corns
  • strips of smoked bacon (not the raw type), about a half of the number of baby corns
  • maybe some optional pepper (makes more of a flavorful punch out of each bite. Yes, I know we ranted about how marvelous this is to have only two ingredients. So? :P )

Drain the baby corns:

Sprinkle pepper over them generously (we use freshly ground mixed colors pepper from Marrakesh):

Cut each smoked bacon strip in half. Wrap one half around a baby corn, like this:

Experience showed that it helps if you do the wrapping starting from the uncut side of the bacon, to have the cut side on top of the wrap when you finish. Then, put them in a heated pan with the end of the wrap down. This will seal the wrapping as they cook. After a few minutes you may (very gently) turn them over to cook on all sides. That's it, it's done! No toothpicks or strings needed :). They're just as good warm as they are hours later. Dig in! :)

You can serve them alone, as starters, or with mixed cheeses, or with another dish, whichever way you like. We had them with these Mexican-style scrambled eggs, like this:

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