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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Buck's fizz (cocktail) (British) (vegan)

A Buck's Fizz is a champagne and orange juice combination used to drive away hangovers (supposedly), as an excuse to start drinking earlier in the morning, or just as a delicious way to start your day with a brunch in style :).
It was invented in 1921 at a London bar called "Buck's club", earlier than the French Mimosa, and containing more orange juice then its French counterpart (this one has only a third champagne, while a Mimosa is half champagne). It's now popular either as part of a brunch or at weddings, as a less alcoholic alternative to champagne for children. 
I personally like it more than "dry" champagne, as the latter tends to be too fizzy and sparkly for my taste (I don't even enjoy sparkling mineral water or any kind of carbonated juices). 
Anyway, you'll have it and whatever the occasion, you'll find a sweet, mild and pleasant drink. Enjoy.

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Ingredients (for each glass):
  • one part champagne
  • 2 parts orange juice

Prepare you pretties champagne flute glasses. Fill them up to a third with chilled champagne.

...And complete with orange juice all the way up. Cheers! :)

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