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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hello, world!

So, this is me. And this is one of the things I like to do in my spare time, which isn't plenty of. Spices, good recipes and a bit of imagination make the world taste better. Not to mention that by making food myself I feel a bit more in control about what I put in it and skip all the additives, surplus sugar and the other things that slowly sicken us.

My name is Miriam and I'm a lady mad scientist. :)  I'm a bit compulsive about exploring world cuisine recipes (even if I'm an anthropologist and I do have a critical approach towards authenticity claims). Following the advice of this brilliant comic here, I try to just eat and not make a big fuss about how exotic and different some foods are. :). But on the other hand, when I'll post a recipe that comes from a country I'm pretty sure most Western World natives haven't even heard of, I will point it out or say a few lines about the country in the spotlight. In the midst of this sort-of-ambivalent critical approach towards world cuisine, the corny blog name is as much intentionally ironic as it is assumed. :)

All the non-ethnic recipes on the blog are my own ideas and creations unless told otherwise (I always link the source if I adapt a recipe). Also the pictures and videos or any other graphic material are my own so kindly do not use them without my written permission.

By sharing what I do with you, I get the feeling that I'm documenting my hobby, I'm not talking just to myself as much :) and I hope I can help anyone trying the same thing I try or who's in need of inspiration. Suggestions and more are welcome. Being that cooking is in itself an alternative to the fast-food (the "slow food" lifestyle), I'd like to promote the same spirit on the level of interaction between authors and readers. Professor George Ritzer, writing about the "Mcdonaldization of society", encouraged his readers to do the same.

See ya!

P.S: When you see a "we" instead of an "I" on the blog, you may understand it's me and other people I involve in my cooking one way or another. These may be Bogdan (the husband) or Mădălin or Vlad and so on. Cooking and sharing food with friends is always something I enjoy :)


  1. Thumbs up for the attempt! You guys really embody the phrase "be the change you want to see in the world". My congrats to Bogdan for turning a fast food junkie into an honest cook :D

    The magic is strong in you my friend!

    Let the journey begin !

  2. Hi Miriam and Bogdan,
    I am for the first time on your blog and really like it! I am your new follower :-).
    I like the mix of Romanian and other recipes... (as I live in Belgium and am married to a Romanian, that's exactly what I am looking for :-).)
    Good luck with your blog, it's lovely!
    Greetings from Belgium,


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