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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Café Cubano (Cuban espresso) (vegan)

The Cuban espresso is different from other espresso drinks because it adds the sugar (raw demerara sugar, to more precise) right in the making of the espresso, thus creating a sweet and very delicate foam that is its specific signature. The drink is not only special from this technical point of view, but it has become a huge part of the Cuban culture and social ritual ever since espresso machines started being imported from Italy or a large(r) scale. 
More on the background of the drink here.
P.S: It's great served with a sweet cookie or biscuit. Pictured above is a raspberry-almond heart biscuit. ;)

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  • espresso shots to be made with an automatic coffee filter (or espresso machine)
  • 2-3 teaspoons of demerara sugar (raw brown sugar) for each espresso shot

The drink is quite easy to make if you have a basic espresso maker. The point it to add the sugar together with the ground coffee from the beginning and then let the machine to the rest. 
Pour into serving shot-sized cups and enjoy the sweetest (in the good way) and foamiest coffee you've ever had. :)

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