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Thursday, September 4, 2014


A Cappuccino spiked with a generous addition of my favorite coffee liquor, Kahlua (the same one used for my beloved White Russian). The perfect cross-breed between a hot milk drink, a coffee with a pick-me-up kick and a slightly alcoholic punch. Warms up your hands and your lips. Puts a smile on. :)
Hello autumn. Forever autumn (as a side note and pop culture reference, I just love that song from Lake of Tears ^^).
Idea adapted from here.

Last year: Pindi chana (Spicy chickpea curry) (Indian) (vegan).
Two years ago: Sancocho (Chicken and root soup) (Puerto Rican).
Three years ago: Baby making and no cooking :).

Ingredients (for a 250 ml cup):
  • 2-3 tablespoons Kahlua liquor (don't be shy)
  • a long shot of espresso (100 ml)
  • 50 ml steamed foamed milk
  • sweetener to taste (optional, I skip it so the Kahlua's sweetness can be felt better)

Pour the Kahlua on the bottom of the serving cup:

Prepare the espresso and heat the milk. Foam the milk. Pour the espresso (sweetened, if you want) on top of the liquor gently. Don't stir, you want the layers to stay intact.
Pour the milk foam on top of that. It's done. Serve hot. Dig in! :)

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