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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pepitoritas (Mexican cajeta and pumpkin seed half-moons)

"Pepita" means pumpkin seed in Spanish. "Pepitoritas" are little half-moon cookies that take their name precisely from the pumpkin seeds that stuff them. Usually made with cajeta (a caramel made of goat's milk), they can also be made with regular dulce de leche. All you need is to find very thin wafer papers (like the German "oblaten"), which you can usually either find in larger supermarkets, or order online. Next step is to grab a jar of cajeta, food coloring (here I made the cookies in green, red and white, but feel free to use any colors or color combinations you'd like) and the pumpkin seeds and have some fun with them. :)
I made this recipe for June's Sweet Romania challenge, hosted by the lovely Andie's Veggies
Recipe source: here

Last year: Straciatella cream pie (Italian)

Ingredients (makes as many or as little as you'd like):

  • Cajeta (recipe here)
  • oblaten or thin wafer rounds (about 50 mm diameter)
  • food coloring in various colors
  • pumpkin seeds

Grab the ingredients:

Prepare the coloring (dilute with water if necessary etc). Also get a pastry or painting brush. Paint some of the wafers with the wet colors, and the ones you want to keep white just with plain water (they need to be softened so you can fold them without breaking).

Next, spread about half a teaspoon of cajeta on each (on the un-painted side) and fold them. Insert 5-6 pumpkin seeds, half-way, into each. Continue and have fun! :)

Let them dry a bit (so they regain crunchiness) and dig in! :)

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