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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Quesadillas with cheddar, bacon and cherry tomatoes (Mexican)

If you ever had quesadillas in Mexican restaurants you know there's so simple but yet to die for. What could be yummier than a warm crispy tortilla glued together by melted cheese and, in this case, bacon? Serve it with a fresh topping (like tomatoes), fresh salad leaves and a good sauce (like garlic mayo or guacamole) and go straight to heaven. 
This type of snack is basically delicious anyway you make it, but to make sure it's an authentic quesadilla it must be made from a tortilla half-way flipped over and filled, not by two tortillas stacked on top of the other and with the filling sandwiched between them, because that would be a "sincronizada", considered a completely different kind of dish in Mexico. 
Back to the point: it's super easy to make (if you have wheat tortillas on hand, home-made or store-bought), ready in under 10 minutes, quite addictive and quite healthy. What are you waiting for :) ?

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Ingredients (serves 2 as a starter, 1 as main): 

  • 2 wheat tortillas
  • 4 cheddar slices (aged)
  • 2-3 long slices of bacon
  • 6-7 cherry tomatoes
To serve: 
  • a handful of salad leaves
  • yogurt-garlic sauce or guacamole

First cut the bacon to bite-sized pieces and fry it in a pan (optional, only if you prefer it fried and you're not in a hurry). If you're using a bacon which you enjoy non-fried you can skip this step. Prepare the cheddar slices too.

Start heating a tortilla in a heavy-bottomed skillet. After a minute or so, add half of the cheddar, torn to pieces, spread evenly on one half of the tortilla:

Also add half of the bacon (on the same side as the cheese) and fold the tortilla over:

Keep heating it for 1-2 minutes more on each side until the cheese has completely melted and glued it together. Meanwhile slice the tomatoes. Transfer tortilla on a plate, top with the tomatoes and slice it in 4 wedges as seen in our main picture above. Serve with fresh salad leaves and a good dipping sauce. Dig in while they're warm! :)

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