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Friday, January 2, 2015

Australian Flat White

A very lovely and foamy coffee drink which is a common way to have it in Australia. The so-called flat white is made by combining an espresso shot with sugar or sweetener and a very generous layer of freshly foamed milk. Since I'm a big fan of foamed milk - the more the better - this kind of cup-a-joe is ideal for me :).
Recipe source: the above wiki link and also Saveur.

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Ingredients (for one):
  • a small shot of expresso (20-30 ml)
  • a bit of sugar or sweetener to taste
  • 100 ml very warm milk (but not quite hot)

Make the espresso. You can add the sugar to it while you make it or add it after. 
Foam the milk until frothy and pour it into the serving cup. Pour the espresso on top of it very gently. It's done, dig in immediately :)

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